AllSun Tracker now available throughout eastern U.S. with new partnerships

Williston, Vermont, October 25, 2012 Share this article

Today the manufacturer of the innovative American manufactured AllSun Tracker announced new partnerships that will make the highly efficient dual-axis solar tracker available throughout the eastern United States.

AllEarth Renewables, the Vermont-based manufacturer of the AllSun Tracker and a 2012 Inc. 500 company, began expanding with a partnership program late last year.   They have now expanded from northern Maine to Illinois and as far south as the Gulf Coast.

The company has expanded its geographic reach with newly established partnerships with Paradise Energy Solutions, with service to Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Ohio; Joule Solar Energy serving the Gulf South; SECCO with offices in Pennsylvania; and Hannah Solar, headquartered in Georgia, but with solar projects in states including Florida, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

AllSun Trackers are pole-mounted solar systems that use innovative GPS and wireless technology to follow the sun throughout the day to boost solar energy production by up to 45 percent over roof-top installations. 

Earlier this month SECCO installed a tracker in Uniontown, PA and Joule Solar Energy used a tracker for a project in New Orleans for Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation.  Hannah Solar is installing its first two Series 24 AllSun Trackers for a commercial customer in Moultrie, GA and next month Paradise Energy will be installing its first four AllSun Trackers in Maryland.
“We’ve had tremendous success building our sales network and as we find new installation partners, the value of being able to offer a complete-system, pole-mounted tracker is catching on.  Our partners like that it differentiates their business with customers,” said David Blittersdorf, CEO of AllEarth Renewables. 

“By following the sun each day, we can produce more energy for each PV panel, enhancing the value of going solar.  Our tracker is a solution for residential and commercial customers looking to get more from their solar system,” added Blittersdorf, who was listed by Business Week among 25 of “America's Most Promising Social Entrepreneurs of 2011.”

AllEarth Renewables has steadily grown its partnership network starting first in northern New England.  The company was listed last month as an Inc. 500 company and as the 9th fastest growing private energy company nation-wide. 

In a little over 2 years, more solar systems have been installed in Vermont using the AllSun Tracker than any other solar technology and over 5 MW and 1,400 of the innovative tracker have been installed in residential and commercial systems in the northeast.

Andrew Savage, AllEarth Renewables,             802.872.9600     


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