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AllEarth Trackers capture more of the day's energy potential, giving you more return on your solar investment.  They're a simple yet powerful solution for a brighter energy future.

“ We love our solar tracker.  It's extremely reliable, it produces more energy than expected, and seeing it every day reminds us that we've made the right choice - both financially and environmentally.” 

~ Karen and Judson, Vermont


Key Features

With their ease-of-use features, high energy performance, and small footprint, our dual-axis trackers are a ground-mount solution that gives energy independence and the most return on your investment.

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Smart Design

The standardized, modular design of an AllEarth Solar Tracker is easily scalable for all project sizes and can affordably be used to power homes and businesses. It's a system designed for maximum performance.

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Using GPS technology, our tracker constantly faces the sun to capture up to 45% more energy. When a solar system delivers more energy, greater total savings are realized - not just for one day, but for decades.  

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Quality & Reliability

Built to last, our solar trackers are effective and efficient 365 days a year. We've put our tracker through rigorous lifecycle and wear testing, and its performance is proven in installations nationwide.

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A complete solar solution installed in one day

The AllEarth dual-axis tracker is pre-engineered and arrives at the job site on a single pallet, with everything you need to install in one day.

Streamlined system design, supply-chain management, and installation reduces time and resource costs for you. 


1 Pallet


1 Design


1 Day


The Solar Farm

South Burlington Solar Farm
South Burlington, Vermont

"We've innovated and refined our AllEarth Solar Tracker so it can be affordably used to power home and business or incorporated into a utility-size solar farm." -David Blittersdorf

Consisting of 382 AllEarth Solar Trackers, the 2.1 MW South Burlington Solar Farm sells more than 3 million annual kWh to Vermont’s Sustainably Priced Energy Development (SPEED) Program. The SPEED Program encourages the development of renewable energy resources in Vermont, as well as the purchase of renewable power by the state’s electric-distribution utilities. Spread over 25 acres, the South Burlington Solar Farm is the largest distributed solar tracker farm of its kind in North America. At this farm, harvesting the sun is always in season!

Number of trackers: 382
Annual power generated: 34 MWh

Soiland_QuarryThe Quarry

Soiland Company
Cotati, California

“The decision to go solar not only made economic sense, but it really aligned with our environmental values.” -Mark Soiland

As the North Bay’s largest construction and landscape materials supplier, the Soiland Company saw their electric bills double overnight due to a rate redesign. To keep prices reasonable for their customers and to stay financially stable, they chose AllEarth Solar Trackers. They were able to dramatically lower their power bill and also displace approximately 27 tons of CO2 in their first peak month alone. Overall, Soiland Company exceeded their targeted benefits in two of their most important areas—financial returns and environmental benefits. Now that’s a win-win!

Number of trackers: 33
Annual power generated: 439,100 kWh

Brengman_Brothers_Crain_Hill_Solar_VineyardThe Vineyard

Brengman Brothers Crain Hill Vineyard - Traverse, Michigan

“Our customers love our wine and now they can love even more how we make it.” -Robert Brengman

The Brengman Brothers Crain Hill Vineyard is Michigan’s first fully solar-powered vineyard. Their 18.7 kW AllEarth Solar Tracker system provides all of the energy they need to light, heat, cool, and process at their 45-acre vineyard and wine-tasting facility. Their solar trackers are connected to the grid through a net-metering agreement. During peak production periods, excess energy is returned to the local utility and when the vineyard needs power, it simply draws it from the energy generated by the solar trackers. Cheers to this innovative net-zero system!

Number of trackers: 3
Annual power generated: 30,000 kWh

Olsen-Tracker_largeThe Home

Olsen Family - Princeton, MA

“Trackers have been a great investment, saving us money and helping us achieve our net-zero goal!” -Dag & Sharon Olsen

The Olsen family wanted to go solar to become energy self-sufficient and were not happy with the best home mounted options. Free from roof restrictions, the AllEarth Tracker design was quick and simple, and provided higher output to meet their goal. Thanks to good design and panel siting the two trackers have surprised the Olsen family with the performance to date, especially during the winter where they produced nearly half of a full year of predicted output. Big shout out for this net-zero step!

Number of trackers: 2
Annual power generated: 21,000 kWh


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