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Renewable Revolutionaries: The AllEarth Production Team

Posted by AllEarth Renewables on December 15, 2016 in Green Companies, Renewable Revolutionaries, Company Culture, AllEarth Renewables, Consumer, Dealers

Although we've featured Renewable Revolutionaries from schools to breweries to our very own CEO, some of the most important revolutionaries are right here at AllEarth Renewables. Our talented production team makes the magic happen, producing and selling our dual-axis solar trackers at our headquarters in Williston, Vermont. Each and everyone of them is working hard to contribute to building a greener energy future for us all.

"When I see us capturing the sun and making clean energy, and seeing small businesses, seeing homeowners doing that, I know that that is a solution for our world and our communities. That's what gets me up in the morning, in the end." - Phil Pouech, AllEarth Director of Operations

Our team is always striving to make sure they're sending the highest-quality product they can provide out to customers across the country. They aren't just building trackers--they're continuously improving the processes they use to build trackers. Everybody is doing something important and creating an impact on our product, our process, and our company. As Phil Pouech, our Director of Operations, says, "the people putting the screws and nuts together have input on how they get put together."

Our company is built around a lean manufacturing philosophy. We've created an efficient production system that goes beyond just being able to assemble parts quickly: it prevents mistakes, creates processes people can trust, and ensures quality and consistency in every tracker that goes out the door.

Once the trackers are built, the team takes a lot of time and care to test each tracker before it is shipped out one one pallet (which includes everything our dealers need for a one-day solar tracker installation), so that customers can count on receiving a high-quality, reliable product every time. This has long-reaching effects: our sales team's relationships depend on the product being right and performing well, and happy customers mean repeat business for the company.

And in the end, this makes for a team doing work they can be proud of. As manufacturing technician Andrew Russett says, "We're all for one thing, and that's creating renewable energy for everybody."

To learn more about the Renewable Revolutionaries series, and to watch other episodes, please visit the Renewable Revolutionaries page.

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