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Preparation for a One-Day Solar Tracker Install

Posted by Dick Hopwood on November 1, 2016 in Solar System Installation, Installation Issues, Solar Tracker Install, Dealers

RULE.pngYour objective is to install an AllEarth Solar Tracker in one day. The pallet is arriving tomorrow, and the crew is ready to go--but are they really? Whether the base is already in the ground or going in tomorrow, preparing the entire crew for the installation process is key to a successful one-day install.

AllEarth provides many tools to make sure that your crew is ready to roll once they are on-site. Before going on-site, viewing our series of installation videos (starring my smiling face) and getting to know the solar tracker installation manuals will get your crew all on the same page. Whether it's someone’s first installation or they're just reviewing the process, use the videos to acquaint people with the installation process.

Having the manual on-site with your crew (protected by waterproof sleeves in a binder is best) will provide you with everything you need to know for a successful solar tracker install. The manual has your tool list to help you gather all needed tools the day before the installation, the charts needed to determine rail lengths, and pictures (everyone likes pictures) of all the parts and pieces from start to finish, broken down in chronological order. The manual also shows you the frame jig drawing, which is #1 in my eyes for getting started correctly--which just rolls into the next installation, and the next, and the next.

Site preparation is another key discussion that needs to happen for a successful one-day solar tracker install. The base is going over there, the jig goes here (near the base), the tracker pallet goes here (close to jig and base), the panels go close to the base, the inverter is onsite, and the tools go over here. Keeping a compact site layout and having the crew trained to be able to do every step of the install is key. Time management and a smooth-flowing process means fewer discussions and more time spent building the tracker.

Remember: your objective is to install an AllEarth Solar Tracker in one day! It might take a few installations to get there, but with some advance preparation and a streamlined process, it is completely doable.

I hope that this month's Hopper's Handy Tracker Hints were helpful!

Next month’s Hint: Frame Jig & Building the Frame Efficiently

 Dick Hopwood is the Lead Solar Technician at AllEarth Renewables.

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