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4 Key Characteristics of a Successful Solar Energy Contractor

Posted by AllEarth Renewables on July 30, 2015 in Selling Solar, Dealers

solar-energy-contractorTo contractors, the decision to invest in solar power may be an easy one. However, this may not be the case for many of your clients, even if their properties provide a perfect setting for panels. Whether they are motivated by the financial or environmental benefits, or something else entirely, part of their decision comes down to you.

To help, we've gathered some tips to help you become a successful solar energy contractor

Be a true solar advisor

The role of a contractor is as much about advising as it is about implementing designs. So sit down with your customers—whether they're residential, small business, or commercial—and ask if you can tell them more about solar so that they're correctly informed. A good advisor will start from square one and allow clients to let them know whether they already have more advanced knowledge, since some might not be willing to admit that they don't know much about solar-energy systems. Go through everything: how  they work, what they cost and why they're beneficial from an economic and environmental standpoint. By educating your customers, you're empowering them to make a lasting decision.

Customize your pitch

You've educated your clients on the general benefits of solar. Now it's time to make it personal. Study the available area on their roofs and in their yards to see which types of systems their properties allow. Then, discuss their energy goals with them and take a look at their current utility bills. These two variables will probably give you all you need to determine which system is right for them. For example, if a family does not anticipate moving and wants to generate enough energy to cover its entire monthly power usage, rather than just supplementing it, you may want to recommend solar trackers since they produce the most energy per panel and thus carry the highest ROI.

Gain more customers

As with most business opportunities, networking and advertising can go a long way in terms of gaining more customers. The good news is that you can reach out to more customers at the same time and often through the same means as you reach out to more solar manufacturers. Do your research, and partner with a solution that will help you along the way. This can can include things like providing selling tools such as brochures and providing dealer marketing funds, which can be used toward buying ads, attending trade shows and more.

Become a brand ambassador

Since you always want to offer your clients the solar solution that is right for them, you need to know not only the different types of solar systems available, but also the benefits of the brands you offer. In other words, know your product. Be ready to answer questions such as whether the product is made in America, comes with a warranty, can withstand high wind loads, comes with built-in data monitoring and more. One of the best ways to prepare is to partner with a solution that conducts dealer-training sessions and provides additional sales support to help you best advise your clients.

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