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A Family Getting More Energy From Their Solar Investment: A Solar Tracker Case Study

Posted by AllEarth Renewables on March 15, 2017 in Dealer Success Stories, Green Companies, Small Commercial Solar, Social Responsibility, Customer Success Stories, Consumer, Dealers

Solar Tracker Case Study: The Olsen Family Gets More From Their Solar Investment

Learn how one family got more from their solar investment with AllEarth Solar Trackers.

The Customer

The Olsen family, of Princeton, Massachusetts, was looking to go solar, to help fulfill their dream of running their home on net-zero energy. Their roof was not well-suited for solar, with a limited amount of southern-facing roof available to them, so they turned to ground-mount solar instead. They wanted a high-production system that would give them the most energy for their solar investment, and put them as close to their net-zero goal as possible.  

The Solar Tracker Solution

One advantage of using ground-mount solar, in addition to increased production, is that the family wasn't limited by roof pitch or tilt when it came to maximizing the home's solar potential. After some research, they decided to use dual-axis solar trackers for their high production capacities. They consulted a local AllEarth Solar dealer partner to determine how many trackers would be needed to meet their energy needs and to completely power their home with solar. Two trackers were installed at the residence in 2014, with plans to install a third down the road to fully achieve their net-zero goal.

“Our AllEarth Solar Trackers have been an excellent investment, saving us money and helping us achieve our net-zero goal!"

- Dag and Sharon Olsen, Princeton, MA

The Result

The 12kW installation produces 22,518kWh annually, outperforming estimates by 18%, at 1.82 times the installed watts, in the first year. The trackers are on track to pay for themselves in less than six years, and become a revenue producer for the family thereafter.

Want to learn more about the Olsen Family's solar success? Download the complete case study to get all the details.

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