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Renewable Revolutionaries: Why We're Here

Posted by AllEarth Renewables on November 10, 2015 in Consumer, Dealers

From design/build schools to breweries and social entrepreneurs, AllEarth Renewables is proud to have helped innovative businesses and individuals across the northeast generate their own power from the sun. Our Renewable Revolutionaries video series goes behind the scenes to profile iconic brands and people that are pioneering a sustainable future for us all.

AllEarth Renewables CEO David Blittersdorf built his first wind turbine at age 14, to power the sugar shack in his backyard, inspired by Grandpa's Knob. Seeing the nation's first wind turbine made him realize that wind could power our future, and the moment to which he traces the roots of his path as a Renewable Revolutionary. He pursued his passion for renewables at the University of Vermont, where he met John Miller, a fellow engineering student who helped him develop a wind turbine for his senior project. John was willing to "go along for the ride," beginning a 30+ year friendship and partnership in renewable energy innovation. David founded Renewable NRG Systems, one of the most successful wind-energy companies in the U.S., after graduating from UVM. Years later, on New Year's Eve of 2008, he sketched the initial design for a solar tracker that followed the sun like a sunflower, and AllEarth Renewables was born. 

"It doesn't take a lot of people to change, but it takes a certain number. Everyone that puts in a tracker is part of that change. They're showing everyone else that this is where we're going, and we believe in this. This is our future." - AllEarth Renewables CEO David Blittersdorf

Now AllEarth is a thriving company helping to lead the renewable energy revolution. The business is centered on a philosophy of efficiency and lean processes, helping all AER employees to be more productive and to be able to concentrate their efforts on making the company and its products the best they can be. David's proud to lead a company where his employees love coming to work, and where he doesn't have to drag folks along to fulfill the company's mission and goals--as he says, "we have all the folks that just do it all naturally. It's because we share this common vision of where we're going and why we're here, and we're committed to, really, saving the world."

We're at the forefront of a massive change in this country as we shift away from fossil fuels and towards the future of renewable energy. As John Miller, now the Chief Engineer at AllEarth, says, "Whatever we do has to be sustainable forever, and this is the sort of thing that is forever."

To learn more about the Renewable Revolutionaries series, and to watch other episodes, please visit the Renewable Revolutionaries page.

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