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Maximizing Power Production with High-Efficiency Solar Panels

Posted by AllEarth Renewables on June 27, 2016

Return on investment is key for any solar project, but especially small commercial solar. In these projects, every dollar matters. As a result, savvy investors and installers today are focusing more attention on the production capacity of a system and the dollar-per-kilowatt-hour generated, rather than simply the installed cost of a system, to ascertain a more accurate picture of the project's long-term value.

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Topics: Future of Solar, Types of Solar, Small Commercial Solar, Power Production, Solar System Design, Maximizing Power Production, Consumer, Dealers

Solar System Design Options

Posted by AllEarth Renewables on June 3, 2016

Choosing the right solar system for your customer can feel like a daunting process, so to simplify the process, focus on the essentials. There are several basic components to consider in solar system design: the solar panels, the inverter, and the mounting and racking systems. Each of these comes with a range of options to choose from, but understanding the differences between them will ensure that you select the right system to meet your customer's energy needs. 

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Topics: Commercial Solar Systems, Solar System Issues and Considerations, Solar System Installation, Installation Issues, Selling Solar, Energy Efficiency, Solar System Design, Residential Solar, Dealers

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