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The Real Way to Get Around: Alternative Transportation for a Sustainable Future

Posted by David Blittersdorf on October 17, 2016

As we rapidly approach peak oil, we must begin to consider what our energy future will look like. It’s clear that renewables will be an essential part of it, but we won’t be able to completely replace fossil fuels with renewable energy sources. We must make significant changes to the way we live, including transforming our transportation system.

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Topics: Climate Change, Environmental Issues, Carbon Footprint, Peak Oil, Alternative Transportation, Consumer, Dealers

The Rise of Residential Solar

Posted by AllEarth Renewables on July 27, 2016

Residential solar installations have risen dramatically over the past decade. Solar is now mainstream and is no longer seen as something esoteric or alternative: instead, it's seen as a viable option for most homeowners, regardless of income, roof orientation, and lot size.

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Topics: Selling Solar, Environmental Issues, Return on Investment, Residential Solar, Consumer, Dealers

The Peak Oil Dilemma

Posted by David Blittersdorf on May 11, 2016

We live in a finite world. Fossil fuels--oil, coal, and natural gas--are our number one energy source. Oil, being the biggest, drives almost everything we do. And we're rapidly reaching the limits of how much of it the world can supply.

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Topics: Future of Solar, Climate Change, Environmental Issues, Renewable Revolutionaries, Peak Oil, Consumer, Dealers

9 Solar Myths Debunked

Posted by David Blittersdorf on January 14, 2016

One of the biggest challenges the solar industry faces is overcoming the numerous myths surrounding solar, and renewables as a whole. Here are some of the misconceptions the industry hears most frequently, and how we can refute them.

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Topics: Future of Solar, Renewable Energy, Environmental Issues, Renewable Revolutionaries, Consumer, Dealers

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