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Solar-Powered Breweries: A New Industry Trend

Posted by AllEarth Renewables on December 14, 2015

In a recent episode of Solar Power World's Solar Speaks podcast, AllEarth Renewables CSO Andrew Savage discusses the new industry trend of breweries across the country going solar. Listen to the podcast below, and read on for the highlights of the conversation!

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Topics: Future of Solar, Advantages of Solar Power, Small Commercial Solar, Solar Industry, Consumer, Dealers

Financing Small Commercial and Industrial Solar Projects

Posted by AllEarth Renewables on December 11, 2015

Utility-scale solar is booming, and residential solar is on the rise, but the small-commercial solar market is still largely unrealized, despite wide open potential for growth. It's clear that moving into this space holds a lot of opportunity and potential for business growth, but how do you get started? In this three-post series, we're covering the basics of what you need to know to take the next step. This first post is based on information presented by Chris Fraga, Founder & CEO of SolarSense, in our Small Commercial Solar webinar.

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Topics: Commercial Solar Systems, Solar Financing, Small Commercial Solar, C&I, Consumer, Dealers

Solar Means Business: Corporate Solar Installations are Booming

Posted by AllEarth Renewables on December 1, 2015

It's official: more major U.S. companies are going solar than ever before! Today saw the release of the 2015 "Solar Means Business" report from the Solar Energy Industries Association, which highlights the leaders in corporate solar installations across the country. 2015 marks a 59% increase in solar installations over last year, and an incredible 183% growth in solar installations among top American businesses since the report was first launched four years ago. This really shows that solar is taking its place in the mainstream--when iconic American brands like Walmart, Apple, and FedEx are investing in renewables, it's clear that it's time for the world to start taking this technology seriously. These corporate installations are just one indicator of the exponential growth the industry has seen in recent years--by the end of the year, there will be "enough solar electricity generated in the U.S. to power more than 5.5 million homes."

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Topics: Small Commercial Solar, Consumer, Dealers

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