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Vermont Solar Incentives Are Changing: Go Solar Today!

Posted by AllEarth Renewables on November 18, 2016


On January 1, 2017, new Vermont solar policies will go into effect. Business and home owners have a lot to lose if they wait until 2017 to get power from the sun. Under the new rules, the solar incentives for most Vermonters will decrease significantly - by almost 25%! By switching to solar now, an additional $1200 in solar savings can be realized in the first 10 years of ownership.

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Topics: Vermont, Net Metering

The Way to Go! Challenge: Getting Vermont's Students Out of the Car

Posted by David Blittersdorf on September 28, 2016

The Way to Go! Vermont Challenge has been happening for several years now, and has pushed individuals, businesses, schools and organizations across the state to leave their cars at home and commit to using alternative forms of transportation for two weeks.

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Topics: Vermont, Climate Change, Carbon Footprint, Consumer, Dealers

One Million Solar Strong, and Growing

Posted by Andrew Savage on May 4, 2016

America has reached the milestone of one million solar systems installed nationwide. But what is even more remarkable is what that looks like in communities across the country, and what comes next.

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Topics: Vermont, Solar Jobs, Solar Industry, Tracker Customers, Consumer, Dealers

A Brighter Energy Future for Vermont

Posted by David Blittersdorf on October 5, 2015

In a recent op-ed, “Destroy Vermont to save it,” Sen. Joe Benning, the Republican minority leader, demonstrates a dangerously backward ideology that is inclined to try to save Vermont by simply destroying it. 

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Topics: Vermont, 2015, Future of Solar, Consumer, Dealers

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