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Dual-Axis Solar Tracker Case Studies

Case Study: Concept2

The world leader in the design and manufacturing of rowing machines and racing oars.

Concept_2_smaller_RGB.jpgTHEIR NEED

As a world leader in the design and manufacturing of rowing machines and racing oars, Concept2 Rowing wanted a way to stay ahead of the competition. They decided to invest in solar to save money on their electricity costs as well as to do their part for the environment, but needed a solution that would work with their space constraints and budget. The company turned to the AllEarth SolarTracker to provide them with the most energy possible for a limited amount of available space.


Concept2 purchased their first four AllEarth Solar Trackers in 2010, and purchased an additional three trackers in 2011, after crunching the numbers and determining that the installation would provide a “solid return on investment.” AllEarth dual-axis solar trackers are able to produce, on average, up to 45% more energy than roof-mounted, fixed-panel systems, making them a great choice for a company looking to improve its bottom line.


Concept2’s 39 kilowatt system produces approximately 54,600 kWh annually. Their seven trackers cover 20% of the company’s energy usage.

"With a solid return on investment, we saw adding another three trackers to our existing solar as a real win-win for our business's bottom line and for the environment."

                         - Judy Geer, Co-Owner, Concept2 

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