Solar panel in a field

Vermont Homeowner Solar Incentives

As a Vermont homeowner, almost everything you need to live in a comfortable home is a cost to you. If you work to electrify most or all of your home’s energy usage, an investment in a solar electric system will decrease your living expenses and protect you from rising fossil fuel prices in the future. Vermont has many regulatory and financial incentives for up to 15kW home sized solar electric systems available.

  1. A simple registration with the state that costs only $100 and you can install after 2 weeks.
  2. No local permits or zoning approvals needed.
  3. No local property taxes on your solar system
  4. No Vermont or local sales tax.
  5. You can bank and save solar energy electric bill credits for up to 12 months. Excess summer solar can be used in the winter months.
  6. Solar energy is valued at about the same rate as you are normally billed.
  7. Vermont has the 9th highest electricity prices in the US so solar is worth a lot.
  8. The federal tax credit of 26% of the solar system cost is subtracted from your tax bill.
  9. Vermont utilities are required by law to allow you to generate and use your own solar electricity.
  10. No changes needed in any of the electrical devices or appliances with Net Metered solar systems.
  11. Going solar means cutting your carbon emissions and doing your part to combat climate change.

Solar is good for you and our planet in so many ways!