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AllEarth Power Purchase Agreement Program

Go Solar with an AllEarth PPA

Going solar has never been this simple.


 Ready to go solar? One of the biggest obstacles in going solar has been that most financing options require a large upfront investment. A Power Purchase Agreement, or PPA, for an AllEarth Solar Tracker is a great financing option for our Vermont customers who want to switch to solar energy without a huge out of pocket expense..

Three Easy Steps to Solar Power

1) Free consultation: We will outline the financial benefits of solar, help you select a site, and choose the tracker system that fits your home and electricity needs.

2) Installation: We will install your system and take care of all the paperwork and permitting that is required.

3) Turn it on: We will flip the switch and connect you to the electric grid. You can sit back and enjoy the savings from renewable, affordable local energy.

How It Works

It's simple: one of our certified dealer partners will install up to 15kW (1-3 trackers) on your property. You'll lock in a fixed electricity rate for the life of your PPA, and pay monthly installments for the power generated by your tracker(s) for the agreement term. We will also monitor performance and maintain your system for the life of the PPA. In return, you will:

  • Power your home with clean, affordable local energy
  • Protect your wallet against rising, unpredictable energy costs
  • Save on your monthly electricity bills

At the end of the PPA term, you'll have the option of purchasing the system outright at fair-market value or lock in your rate and renew your PPA for up to 20 years, meaning you'll be following the sun for years to come.

Go With a Trusted Partner

AllEarth Services was the first company in Vermont to offer a solar PPA. For over 9 years, we have been financing AllEarth Solar Trackers for Vermont homeowners, businesses, schools, towns, and non-profits. As a Vermont-based and -owned company, we are committed to local, affordable, renewable energy for all.

Please note that the PPA Program is only available to Vermont residents at this time. 

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