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The Dual-Axis Solar Tracker

Dual-Axis Solar Tracker Owner FAQs

Dual-Axis Solar Tracker Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the tracker loses power?


When the power is shut off, the tracker will not move or produce any electricity. There's no need to do anything to the tracker once power is restored. When power is restored, the tracker automatically resets, reorients itself to point at the sun, and starts producing electricity. In addition, if the grid power were to go down, the inverter automatically shuts down to protect the system and its connection to the grid.

How long does it take the system to reset itself after the power goes back on?


When the power comes back on the trackers goes through a process to reorient and reposition itself. This involves moving to the flat (safe mode) position to reorient the tilt angle and then slowly spinning around to confirm the yaw angle. This process typically takes just a few minutes, but may take up to 20 minutes.

How do I set the trackers flat in safe mode?


The easiest way to position the trackers to be flat is to turn off the power at the load center on the tracker mast. There are two breakers on the system. The 40 Amp circuit controls the power to the inverter. The 15 Amp circuit controls power to the motor/controls. Step one is to turn off the 15 Amp breaker. Step two is to wait a minute and then turn the system back on. This will then cause the system to reset. During the reset process, the panels will move to the safe mode position and lay flat. At this time, turn the power off (using the same 15 Amp breaker) and they will stay in this position. When you want them to start moving again, turn the power back on.

What should I do if the tracker appears to be out of alignment and is not correctly oriented to the sun?


The first thing to know is that even if your tracker is slightly out of optimal alignment with the sun, it will still create power. In fact, as long as it is within 10° of correct orientation, it will still produce 99% of the potential power. Each night, the tracker goes back to safe mode and will adjust alignment the following day.

How does the tracker know what to do after it has gone to safe mode?


When the tracker stores itself flat overnight, it will naturally wake up at sunrise and resume normal operation. If the tracker has been flat due to high winds or extreme cold, the tracker will resume normal operations on its own after winds subside (three hours) or temperatures warm up slightly.

How do I know if my system is working correctly and producing electricity?


There are a few simple ways to check that the tracker system is working.

  • Observe the system and watch to see that the tracker is moving every 6-10 minutes. This assures that the tracker motor is functioning.
  • Most dealers offer some sort of production monitoring program. Talk to your dealer/installer and see if they provide this service.
  • Check your monthly electricity bill.

Why is my tracker not moving?


Remember that the tracker is designed to only move a small distance every few minutes, so it may be between moves. If the tracker is flat during the day, it may be due to high winds, sub-zero temperatures, or other factors that have it move into safe mode. Finally, during reset it can take up to 20 minutes to run through the process.

Who will provide maintenance and service on the AllEarth Solar Tracker system? 

The company from which you purchased your AllEarth Solar Tracker will provide manufacturer-supported maintenance and service.

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