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The Dual-Axis Solar Tracker

Solar Tracker FAQs

Dual-Axis Solar Tracker Frequently Asked Questions

How much energy does the tracker need to operate?


The system is powered with electricity from the electrical panel in the house. There is very little power required for tracking and the system uses less than 1% of the power it produces.

How does the tracker know what time it is and adjust its position? 


The GPS unit inside the tracker control box knows the tracker's location as well as the time. Knowing its location and the time, the tracker knows exactly where the sun is at any given moment. The tracker uses its hydraulic drive to position the array to directly face the sun. As the sun moves, the tracker will periodically reposition the array. It is not dependent on clock time for any particular time zone and thus will not be impacted by any weather events or the change to daylight savings time.

Does the motor of an AllEarth Solar Tracker require any chemicals or make noise? 


The tracker uses standard hydraulic fluid in its hydraulic system to make it move. The motor that runs the system makes about as much noise as your refrigerator.

How long does an AllEarth solar tracking system last?


They are designed for a 25-year lifespan, and have a 10-year parts warranty. Please see our Limited Warranty for more information.

How will installing a tracker affect my homeowner's insurance policy?


Most homeowner policies cover "other structures" up to a certain percentage of your overall policy. Check with your insurance agent about tracker coverage.

Who will provide maintenance and service on the AllEarth Solar Tracker system?


The company from which you purchased your AllEarth Solar Tracker will provide manufacturer-supported maintenance and service.

Where are AllEarth's trackers produced? 


AllEarth Trackers are produced in Williston, Vt. from components sourced mainly in the U.S. We also engineer our system at our headquarters in VT.

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