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AllEarth Solar Resources

Educating the Next Generation of Solar Leaders: Solar Power for Schools


Solar Power for Schools - Go Solar with AllEarth Solar Trackers!Installing solar at schools is a great way to both cut down operating costs and provide a fantastic way for the next generation of environmental leaders to learn about the power of the future. AllEarth Solar Trackers have a proven record of success in helping schools reach their environmental goals, reduce expenses, and create an active learning tool for students.

To learn more about solar for schools and how AllEarth dual-axis solar trackers work in small commercial projects, download our free sell sheet by filling out the form to the right!

Key Features of allEarth Solar Trackers:

  • Made and engineered in America
  • Capture up to 45% more power than fixed systems
  • Can handle wind loads of up to 120 mph
  • Come with an industry-leading 10-year warranty