Soak up that glorious Spring sunshine! Go solar today with a Vermont-made AllEarth Solar Tracker. Secure your best deal and protect your solar rate before the August 1st rate change. We’ll even cover the $100 Public Utility Commission registration fee and file for you.


Get in before the July 1ˢᵗ August 1ˢᵗ rate change. Schedule a free consultation today and join over 3,500 Vermonters going solar with us.

Solar you can trust

AllEarth Renewables is one of the nation’s leading solar tracker companies, with over 7,500 installations across the country—over half of these in Vermont. The AllEarth Solar Tracker is the premier product for a high-value, high-efficiency, solar solution manufactured in Vermont for both commercial and residential systems.

Locally made

Our AllEarth Solar Trackers are 100% designed and engineered in Vermont – straight from our Net Positive, solar-powered manufacturing facility in Bristol, Vermont. Not only does our Tracker produce energy from the sun, it was also made from the sun – right in your backyard! 

Decades of experience

We are rooted in rich history and experience. With over 30 years of experience in the renewable energy industry, we have a deep understanding of the past and current energy landscape. As one of the first to develop a dual-axis solar tracker, we have a depth of experience and have been fine tuning our product over the past 15 years.

Built Vermont tough

Our Tracker is designed in Vermont, for Vermonters – with over 3,000 Trackers across the state! It is rugged and engineered to withstand harsh, year-round weather conditions including high winds, heavy snowfall, and cold temperatures. Composed of strong galvanized steel, its sleek, simple design uses robust parts requiring minimal service over time. 

7,500 Tracker installations and counting

Hear from our happy AllEarth Solar Tracker customers from across the state – and beyond!

Our tracker almost eliminates power bills in the summer and credits we earn throughout the summer help offset a portion of our winter bills. We are fans.

Francie & David

Francie & David

New Haven, VT

We got our trackers in 2010 and they’ve been backyard companions since then. They quietly do their job with predictable annual production serving six homes and multiple electric cars. The shade for animals and humans having parties is a bonus.

Gaye Symington & Chuck Lacy

Gaye Symington & Chuck Lacy

Jericho, VT

Knowing where your energy comes from is a great feeling, but seeing your electric bill payments go down feels even better! By going solar with an AllEarth Solar Tracker, you’re making a smart investment in your future and hedging against electric price inflation.

Bill Root

Bill Root

Charlotte, VT

Get more energy out of the sun

Get more power out of the sun with Vermont’s most efficient solar system. The AllEarth Solar Tracker is a complete grid-tied, dual axis solar electric system suitable for both commercial and residential use. 

It is the premier product for a high-value, high efficiency, Vermont-manufactured solar energy system – uniquely designed to provide more power than your average rooftop solar array. So if you are looking to maximize your energy production and performance, there is no other solution available on the market that is as efficient as a dual-axis AllEarth Solar Tracker.

Maximize your efficiency

Our AllEarth Solar Tracker is alive! Well, not really, but it is an active system. That means it moves with the sun from dawn til dusk to capture the optimal energy yield – generating up to 45% more energy than fixed systems. Modelled from nature, it wakes up with the sun just like us and captures the day’s full solar potential, year-round.

Greater energy production means fewer solar panels are required to achieve the same energy output. This makes it particularly ideal for challenging topographies.

No roof required

The beauty of the AllEarth Solar Tracker is that you don’t need to lay a finger on your roof. Unlike a rooftop system, the tracker does not require a load supporting, south-facing roof, which eliminates the risk of roof leak, mold or structural damage. All you need to install it is a plot of suitable land with some south-facing rays and you’re golden! This is especially great news if you have a heritage building or an older roof you are not ready to upgrade. And you will love watching the beauty of your Tracker’s slow, quiet movements as it follows the sun throughout the day.

Take ownership of your energy

Knowing where your energy comes from is a great feeling, but seeing your electric bill payments go down feels even better! By going solar with an AllEarth Solar Tracker, you’re making a smart investment in your future and hedging against electric price inflation.

You are actually owning the generation source of a large portion of the energy you receive. This means your electric bill can be significantly lower each year with a properly sized solar system that matches your needs.


Dual Axis

Are you looking for a solar system that maximizes solar production throughout the day? Then consider a dual axis solar tracker.

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Net Metering

Solar energy is only generated when the sun is shining. So how can you use solar energy during the night, on cloudy days or during the winter when daylight is sparse? The solution: Net Metering.

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Photovoltaic Panels

A solar panel that captures the sun’s energy and converts it to DC (direct current) electricity. A solar inverter then converts this energy to AC (alternating current) electricity so it can be distributed through the grid and used in a home or business.

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Why Renewable NOW?

Reversing the trend of increasing carbon emissions requires transitioning aggressively to cleaner forms of energy such as solar, wind and hydro. These are the most sustainable solutions we currently have available to counter and reverse global warming.

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