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Solar Tracker Markets

Residential Solar Tracker Installations

A simple solar solution.


Unlike many other trackers on the market, the AllEarth Solar Tracker is a proven system: high-quality, reliable, and durable. Our dual-axis solar tracker shines in residential installations, especially when the home's roof is unfit for panels due to orientation or structural issues. Our tracking technology captures the more of the day's solar potential with a smaller footprint, so you'll get a significantly higher production--and more power means bigger savings for you. 

Solar Success Story

The Olsen Family, of Princeton, Massachusetts, wanted their house to run on net-zero energy. With limited south-facing roof space, they decided to install two 12kW AllEarth Solar Trackers, which produce 22, 518kWh annually--outperforming production estimates by 18%. Their tracker system is on track to pay for itself in less than 6 years, and will be a revenue generator for the family each year after that.

Installed by Transformations, Inc., of Ayer, MA.

AllEarth dual-axis solar tracker  residential installation in Massachusetts.
AllEarth dual-axis solar tracker  residential installation in New Mexico.

The Morrow Family

Location: Las Cruces, NM

Size: 6kW

Annual Production: 15,100kWh

AllEarth dual-axis solar tracker  residential installation in Illinois.

The Montgomery Family

Location: Sullivan, IL

Size: 16.8kW

Annual Production: 30,000kWh

AllEarth dual-axis solar tracker  residential installation in Montana.

The Bentley Family

Location: Laurel, MT

Size: 14.8kW

Annual Production: 29,856kWh

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