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 Solar Tracker Product Tour

The L20 Solar Tracker


A landscape-oriented dual-axis solar tracker for both commercial and residential applications.


Key features.

  • Holds 20 72-cell modules; landscape orientation results in less east/west shading, increases panel height from ground, and improves snow-shedding capabilities 
  • Shorter mast for better access to inverter and control panel
  • Built to comply with all NEC standards

Technical specs.

  • Compatible with both string and micro-inverters.
  • Uses GPS microprocessor and sensor system for orientation.
  • Has innovative high-speed, bottom-mount clamping technology for module attachment.
  • Annual power consumption is <1% of system output.


  • Powered by hydraulic power unit/motor drive, yaw motor, and hydraulic cylinder.
  • Wind-tunnel tested, rated to 120mph.
  • Manufactured in the U.S., with a 10-year warranty.
  • Made of galvanized steel components.

Weather modes.

  • Wind mode: Stows flat at 30mph
  • Cold mode: Stows flat when temperatures drop below 0°F 
  • Snow mode: System will move at night to avoid heavy accumulation and disperse any snow buildup