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Spread the word about our exceptional Solar Tracker and refer us to someone you know. When they purchase a Solar Tracker based on your referral, both of you will receive a $250 Referral Reward for each Solar Tracker they purchase.

Refer a Friend

How it Works

Referring friends & family feels good and you can earn money doing so!


Refer your friend or relative to us by filling out our online form.


 If your friend moves forward with a Solar Tracker purchase, both you and your friend will receive the $250 Referral Reward for each Solar Tracker.


The sky’s the limit! The more you refer, the greater your chances are of receiving your Reward, all the while aiding in the transition to a sustainable energy future.

Tips on Referring

Knowing people who might benefit from going solar is just the beginning. Here are a few easy ways to help your friends and family take the first step.

Educate them on the Benefits

With the help of our Solar Facts, you can explain the basics around how solar works. You can also share information from our AllEarth Advantage guide so they can learn about the benefits of our product and how it compares to other options

Solar tracker illustration

Share your Story

Sharing your personal experience with us is a great way to encourage others to consider going solar. Get the word out to friends and people you know by writing a Google Review, hosting an Open House or inviting them to check out your solar tracker in person.

Illustration representing a SolarInvest owner

Connect on Social Media

You can also use social media to share photos and stories of your interactions with us and our products – allowing you to reach your entire network in seconds. Invite them to follow us on social media so they can stay connected and learn more about us!

Start Referring Today

Have someone you’d like to refer? Complete the form below to submit your referral.


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Referral Program Details

Have questions about AllEarth’s Referral Program? We’ve got answers.

Who is eligible for AllEarth’s Referral program?

This program is for Vermont customers only. Both the referring person and the subject of the referral must be over 18, and a Vermont resident.

What do I need to do to refer a friend to AllEarth and take advantage of the Program?

It’s simple! Just follow the steps above to start Referring today!

What does my friend need to do?

Your friend (Referral) just needs to confirm with AllEarth Renewables that you have referred them to us.

How long does the Referral Program run for?

The customer must register their AllEarth Solar Tracker by November 1, 2024.

When and how will I (the Referrer) receive my Reward?

Once your Referral has completed their purchase, your Reward payment will be mailed by check to the address you specified on the Referral Form within 3-6 weeks.

When and how will the Referral receive their Reward?

The referral will also receive their Reward via check to their specified address within 3-6 weeks after their Solar Tracker purchase is final.

What is the Referral purchases multiple Solar Trackers?

The Reward is tied to the Solar Tracker, not the person, so that means the more Solar Trackers your Referral purchases, the more Reward payments you will receive!

What types of purchases qualify for the referral?

AllEarth’s Referral Program is only applicable for the purchase of AllEarth Solar Tracker(s), and excludes referrals for our PPA Program, RePower Program, Used Solar Panels, or any of our other offerings.

How do I know whether my friend has made a purchase?

Once your Referral has made a purchase, we will send you an email to let you know that your Referral has been successful and the purchase is finalized. Your Reward payment will then be paid to you within 3-6 weeks. In the meantime, you can always reach out to us to check in on the status of your Referral.

Why do I need to provide my address/contact details? What does AllEarth do with this information?

AllEarth Renewables requires your address in order to mail you out your payment check. We keep your privacy confidential in adherence with our Privacy Policy.