RePower Program

AllEarth’s RePower Program is a great way to get more energy out of your existing array of solar trackers. Do you find your energy needs have increased since you installed your tracker? Maybe you’ve added some heat pumps or made the switch to an electric vehicle. Or maybe your adult children have moved back in with you.

There’s no need to install additional solar trackers to get the energy you need. We can upgrade your existing trackers by swapping out the original solar PV panels with newer, more efficient and greater producing ones.

The AllEarth RePower Program is best suited for trackers 6-11 years old that currently use 235 watt or smaller panels. We remove the current solar modules from your tracker and replace them with SunPower 320 watt premier-level modules, giving you almost 35% more power.

The good news doesn’t end there! We take back the old modules and reuse them on fixed ground mount system projects to lower the cost of entry for clients where budget is an issue. As an example, we’ll swap out a system for a major college and use the old panels to provide solar energy to a local elementary school.

RePower Details

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  • A free analysis of your utility bill and consult on your energy needs is the best way to determine if RePower is right for you.
  • The swap out happens in a matter of hours, so your tracker is ready to produce same day.
  • Some 15 module trackers can be upgraded to 20 modules*
  • Some 20 module trackers can be upgraded to 24 modules*
  • The cost includes all material and labor – there is no permitting or registration required.
  • With about 40% more energy produced, the ROI is 6-7.5 years depending upon configuration.
  • Because of IRS rules, some RePower configurations may be eligible for the FITC rebate.

*Not all configurations support additional modules. Please consult with your Sales Account Manager.


When we bought our home last fall, moving from South Carolina to Vermont, we were excited that the home came with a solar tracker, but I knew that it was a 4.1 kWh system with approximately 10 year old panels and I figured having a family of four (soon to be 5) we would need about 50% more power to come close or to fully offset our power usage. I contacted several companies and talked through multiple options including companies wanting to add solar to our roof and wanting to add a stationary solar setup in our yard. I felt neither of these were optimal and AllEarth offered an option that seems to be exactly what we were looking for. We were able to Re-Power our tracker, adding panels with newer technology and a higher output than our old panels for substantially less money than the other options. Since replacing our panels in mid-March, our system has seen all-time highs in output and we have been able to have higher than 100% offset in power in April, May and we are on track to do the same in June. The option of a Re-Power was something I had not originally considered and it was not the option that made AllEarth the most money, but it was the correct fit for our situation and I feel that is why they suggested it. I am very happy with AllEarth Renewables, and if we have any future needs, they will be the first company I call.

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