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SolarInvest™ Investor

You have money for smart investing, a Federal and State income tax bill that could be reduced to almost zero, and a desire to make a difference. AllEarth’s SolarInvest™ Investor program is for you
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You have land (as little as ¼ acre is all that’s needed) with good sun exposure. You want to be in control of your energy future, ensuring it’s clean and renewable.
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You have land with terrific sun exposure. You’d like to be part of the solar solution, but you don’t necessarily want to own and manage a system. You would also like to make some income from your land with a solar opportunity.
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You want to be a renewable energy consumer, save on energy costs and have a steady, predictable electric bill each month, but you don’t have an appropriate site or you may not want to use your funds to invest in a system of your own.
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As an engineer and a grandfather, my goal is to do all I can to preserve our ecological future for generations to come. As a business owner, I’m also concerned about making a smart investment by selecting the most efficient system to maximize my solar harvest. 

AllEarth Renewables guided us every step of the way through permitting and installation, and after the sale, I enjoy on-going support. I could not be happier with my decision to use them on my solar project. Thanks to the AllEarth Solar, I am one step closer to realizing a NET ZERO energy goal for my business, my home and my grandchildren!

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