Solar Tracker

“Heliotropism is a growth movement in plants that is induced by sunlight. It is sometimes called solar tracking, a directional response to the sun.”
— PlantLife

We didn’t know this word and its relationship to sunflowers when we imagined a more efficient solar system, but we understood the concept: follow the sun and maximize energy potential.

Well over a decade ago, we took that concept and applied it to the design and manufacturing of  the AllEarth Solar Tracker, which features a dual axis mount with built in GPS technology for automatic calibration and consistent angling towards the sun. By capturing all of the day’s solar potential, it  yields up to 40% more energy than a fixed roof system. 

AllEarth Renewables is the nation’s leading dual axis solar tracker company, with over 7,000 installations across the country—over half of these are in Vermont. The AllEarth Solar Tracker is the go-to product for a high-end, high-efficiency, American-made solar solution for both commercial and residential systems.


Maximum Energy Production

  • A complete grid-tied, ground-mount solar solution.
  • Dual axis tracking yields up to 40% more energy than a fixed roof system.
  • Capture ALL of the day’s solar potential, year-round.
  • A proven, standardized system design.
  • A modular approach, easily scalable for projects large and small.
  • Individually tested pre-engineered system.
  • American-designed and manufactured product.
  • Compatibility with most commercially available 60-cell or 72-cell modules.

Smart Technology

  • Sophisticated communication controls to monitor performance, diagnostics, and environmental factors.
  • Uses GPS technology with proprietary software for automatic orientation and consistent tracking toward the sun.
  • Compatible with both string and micro-inverters.
  • Has innovative high-speed, under frame clamping technology for solar module attachment for a clean aesthetic and weather shedding durability.
  • Annual power consumption is <1% of system output (0.2kWh).
  • Average system size of approximately 7.6kW DC per tracker.

Quality And Durability

  • A rugged hydraulic system for long-lasting durability and performance.
  • Industry-leading limited parts warranty and rigorous lifecycle testing.
  • Strong and simple system designed with a limited number of robust parts requiring minimal service over time.

Weather Modes

  • Designed to withstand the tough weather conditions found in Vermont.
  • 120-mph wind rating and snow, wind and cold modes keep your tracker safe from the elements.
  • Wind mode makes the tracker stow flat at 30mph, and stay in this protected position until calmer winds are detected.
  • Cold mode protects system components by stowing the tracker flat when temperature drop below 0F.


I’ve been an AllEarth customer ever since the first tracker was introduced. I’ve been impressed by the trackers performance which has allowed us to run heat pumps through the winter and cover our annual power needs. But what I’ve appreciated the most has been AllEarth’s customer service – they are on top of their game and really fast at responding and dealing with any issue!

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