Community Solar

AllEarth provides this important option for folks who want to access solar energy but don’t have a suitable site to install their own systems, or don’t want to assume the cost of installation. 

Think of community solar as you might a Farm CSA: multiple customers sharing the output of a solar “farm.” Members purchase a portion of the energy our farms generate. As a member you can choose how much power you want to buy. Do you want to cover all or just part of your energy needs?

Alternatively, for green energy entrepreneurs, consider investing in solar by purchasing your own 15 kW solar array and becoming the source of renewable energy for your immediate or extended community. You own the array and sell the solar energy to a local business, school or group of businesses / homeowners interested in going solar.


Starksboro kids in front of an AllSun Trackers
  • Anyone can participate 
  • No upfront cost
  • Ongoing energy savings off your current electric bill
  • Stable monthly bill – the average annual cost of electricity in 12 monthly installments
  • Tapping into community solar reduces carbon emissions overall
  • Agreements are transferable if you move within the same utility grid


In 2019 I installed 2 Mini-split Heat Pumps in my condo in South Burlington, and while my gas bill plummeted, my electric bill went up as expected. Of course, living in a condo means I can’t have solar energy, but I found the good folks at AllEarth who connected me with a family in Charlotte who had solar in their backyard, and they were able to sell some of their excess energy to me. In fact, it started off at about a 10% discount, then when the rates went up last year, it was even more! I love saving money as much as doing good for the environment!

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