See what folks have to say about AllEarth Solar.

Francie & David, New Haven, VT

Our tracker almost eliminates power bills in the summer and credits we earn throughout the summer help offset a portion of our winter bills. We are fans.

Steve Paige, Williston, VT

We now have two RePowered solar trackers, maintained and installed by AllEarth. We have chosen solar to supply much of our electrical consumption because: 1) the payback period on our…

Jonathan Sykes, Monkton, VT

When we bought our home last fall, moving from South Carolina to Vermont, we were excited that the home came with a solar tracker, but I knew that it was…
Backside of a solar panel

David Dummit, Shelburne, VT

Would like to say how very, very pleased we have been over what is now a full decade of having one of your solar arrays, which provides essentially 100% of…
A field of solar panels

Tim E., S. Burlington, VT

In 2019 I installed 2 Mini-split Heat Pumps in my condo in South Burlington, and while my gas bill plummeted, my electric bill went up as expected. Of course, living…

Sarah P., Grand Isle, VT

We absolutely love looking at the Solar Trackers from AllEarth in our farmyard! When AllEarth asked to rent a very small portion of our land, we jumped at the chance.
A field of solar panels

Joe L., Burlington, VT

At this point I own 748 AllEarth trackers in Chittenden County and they have been a superior investment. The tax credits were a big help, and the revenue is much…
Singular solar panel in a field

Karen & Judson, VT

We love our solar tracker. It’s extremely reliable, it produces more energy than expected, and seeing it every day reminds us that we’ve made the right choice – both financially…
Singular solar panel in a field

Jonathan Corcoran, Monkton, VT

I’ve been an AllEarth customer ever since the first tracker was introduced. I’ve been impressed by the trackers performance which has allowed us to run heat pumps through the winter…
Dog in front of a solar panel

Jerry Greenfield, Ice Cream Guy

I was an early purchaser of a tracker from AllEarth. AllEarth has been great to work with, and extremely responsive when any question or issue has arisen. I have also…