Scott & Lisa Pickard, Temperance, MI

I am thrilled to share our experience with Stoneacre Energy Solutions and our AllEarth Tracker. We made the decision to go solar in May 2022 because our late 1800s farmhouse had a roof that wasn’t ideal for solar panels due to limited sun exposure. After extensive research, we opted for the AllEarth Dual-axis Tracker.

Before purchasing our system, I called AllEarth Renewables and spoke with the owner directly who answered all my questions and concerns about the Tracker system itself. I then got in touch with Stoneacre Energy Solutions, who were awesome to work with. They did not pressure us, and answered all our questions before we signed the contract to install our solar system. Devin was very good at explaining the pros and cons of the products that I did two years of research on to come up with the best system to meet our needs. Keith and Devin worked with our township to get this tracker put in since our building department had never seen or dealt with a Tracker system. I really appreciated the small personal business atmosphere at Stoneacre Energy Solutions.

Our property includes a 1,000-square-foot apartment above the barn, and remarkably, a single Tracker has been powering both that building and our main house for over a year now. The system has been flawlessly delivering on its promises since the day of installation. So many people I talk to about solar say it won’t work in Michigan, so I regularly send Keith my electric bills as evidence for future customers. Even during the challenging months of January and February, our Tracker generated more power than we consumed.

One of my favorite aspects of the Tracker is monitoring its movement using the Enphase app. It adds an interactive element to our solar experience. Plus, the Storm Guard feature provides peace of mind. We switch to full battery backup mode in anticipation of storms, ensuring that our batteries are fully charged in case of a power outage. It’s like having our own personal generator.

Owning a Tracker is our way of doing our part for the planet, right in our backyard. But it’s not just about saving the Earth; it’s also about saving my $250-300 a month electric bill that’s now $30 a month. The investment in a Tracker is a no-brainer. It’s a better return on investment than the stock market these days. If you have funds tied up in an IRA or similar investments, it might even be worthwhile to consider reallocating them to purchase a Tracker, repay the cost, and avoid interest charges from the bank.

I wholeheartedly believe that if you have the space for an AllEarth Tracker, it’s the most efficient way to harness the benefits of solar energy. I’m more than willing to serve as a reference for anyone seeking further reassurance. We look forward to many years of the benefits of our solar system and the relationship between us, AllEarth Renewables, and Stoneacre Energy Solutions. Thank you for helping us make a difference for our planet and our finances.

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