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The AllEarth Story

We believe in Renewable Energy for All


Every AllEarth dual-axis solar tracker is designed, tested, and engineered in Vermont.

We’re passionate about what we do and where we are. Far from being an overnight success, we’ve earned national recognition by taking our thirty years of experience in the renewable energy industry and constantly innovating our products, our thinking, and our goals.

David Blittersdorf, our CEO, isn’t new to renewable energy. When he was 14 he built his first wind turbine to light the small shack where he boiled sap into maple syrup. As a student at the University of Vermont, he built yet another wind turbine. And after he graduated, he went on to found and lead Renewable NRG Systems—one of the most successful wind-energy companies in the U.S. On New Year’s Eve 2008, he sketched out the initial design for a solar tracker that followed the sun like a sunflower. And AllEarth Renewables was born.

Following his example, we believe that having experience doesn’t mean you can’t always be looking for new answers. We’ve built two 25-acre, 382 tracker, 2.1 MW solar farms in our own backyard so that we can fine-tune every aspect of our product, services, and delivery for our customers.

We believe in what we do, so you can believe in us.



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