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 Dual-Axis Solar Tracker Advantages

Why Dual-Axis Solar Trackers?

The sun is a constantly moving target.

The AllEarth Solar Tracker produces up to 45% more energy than a fixed roof system and up to 30% more energy than a fixed ground-mount system.

Dual-Axis Solar Trackers follow the sun's energy-producing rays throughout the entire day.


Our solar trackers follow the sun to give you the most energy for your solar investment.

We’ve been specializing in generating power out of movement for over thirty years, and we believe that it’s the future of solar. As the industry continues to grow, solar will become more and more focused on maximizing energy production, and there’s nothing better out there than solar trackers to achieve that.

Fixed systems are only positioned at the optimal angle for energy production for a limited number of hours each day. With a dual-axis solar tracker, panels will always be oriented towards the sun, no matter the season or time of day, maximizing the solar-system energy production and resulting in up to 45% more energy. More power means a greater return on your solar investment, and energy savings you can take straight to the bank. 

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