Beauty and smarts. The AllEarth PowerFlower™ offers an artistic twist on our AllEarth Solar Tracker. With custom solar petals and a dark green powder-coated tripod stem — mimicking a sun flower — and the same dual axis operation as the AllEarth Solar Tracker, it is both a statement piece and an efficient energy producer. Installation is quick and easy with a screw-in anchor to firmly secure the PowerFlower™ to the ground. Whether in a residential or commercial setting PowerFlower™ adds a little whimsy along with energy savings to your renewable energy goals.


Solar You Want to See

Gone are the days of hiding your solar system. This statement piece not only generates power, but looks great while doing so.

Quick and Easy Installation

No concrete or digging, for the foundation. Only one screw-in anchor to firmly secure your PowerFlower™ to the ground.

Plug and Play
Power-Up Option

Normally direct wired to a 240 VAC circuit breaker. This system also allows you to wire into a 120 VAC outlet with an optional power converter.


As an engineer and a grandfather, my goal is to do all I can to preserve our ecological future for generations to come. As a business owner, I’m also concerned about making a smart investment by selecting the most efficient system to maximize my solar harvest. 

AllEarth Renewables guided us every step of the way through permitting and installation, and after the sale, I enjoy on-going support. I could not be happier with my decision to use them on my solar project. Thanks to the AllEarth Solar, I am one step closer to realizing a NET ZERO energy goal for my business, my home and my grandchildren!

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