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5 Important Visual Aspects of a Solar Website

Posted by AllEarth Renewables on June 9, 2017 in Selling Solar, Solar Marketing, Solar design, Dealers

5 Important Visual Aspects of a Solar Website

A website is one of the most critical tools a business can have. It allows customers to access information about the business at any time, which is vital as most consumers look to the internet as their main resource for information. A Website also offers great opportunities for marketing, such as increasing brand awareness. Almost every business today has a website of some kind, and this is why it has become imperative to not only have a webpage for a business, but one that is optimized and tailored to best suit their target audience’s needs. Like designing a product, a website should be a marriage of form and function, where it is visually appealing to the customer, does not distract from the focus, and functions properly.

Some of the most important aspects of a good company website include: use of photography, graphics, a memorable logo, the site’s interactivity, and keeping a blog.

1. Use of imagery

Images are a critical part of web design as they can help many of the site’s visitors connect with the brand visually. Today, more than half of people consider themselves visual learners, so by not providing content that is best suited for them (not using the right imagery or not imagery at all) it could be greatly limiting the number of visitors that connect with the brand and site greatly. However, people do not just connect with any image. The images used on a site should portray the mood and lifestyle that best represents the target audience as well as brand, which helps strengthen the identity of the brand. The home page of a website is usually the most viewed page, so the images on this page should be the ones that best represent the company. It is also important, when selecting images (especially if they are stock images) to make sure that they are not images that are commonly used for businesses in similar fields of work.

2. Importance of graphics

Graphics can be very useful on a website to help convey information in an interesting and visually appealing manner, as they enhance the content and design on the site without making it appear too busy. Graphics are good for organizing content and help draw the viewer’s eyes around the page. When creating graphics, it is important to remember that they should serve to make the content more interesting and not distract from it. One good way to avoid this is to keep graphics simple and make sure there is a good contrast with the graphic as well as the text from the background.

3. Value of interactivity

How a user is able to interact with a website is very important, as it has a big effect on their experience with the site. Interactivity is the way a computer and a person interact, is a great way to set a website apart from the crowd and leave a great lasting impression with the user. Unfortunately, if they have a negative experience interacting with the site, it can create the opposite impression. The biggest challenge with interactivity is to find a balance between the function and the design of the site. This helps the user can become more immersed with the content as they will not just be reading through a page, but engaging with it as well.

4. Having a strong logo

A logo is the visual identity of a company and serves as its signature. It is a graphic component that’s usage spans way further than most other elements on a web page as it goes on just about everything a company produces. A good logo helps make the company easily identifiable by communicating the values and experience of a company in a graphic way. It can make a business look professional and conveys expertise and trust in the field. On the other hand, a poorly done logo can make a company appear inexperienced and poorly run.

5. Keeping an updated blog

blog can play a key part in driving traffic to a website. Each time a company posts to their blog it creates a new page within the website, which can increase the likelihood of the company’s site appearing in a search engine. It also makes the search engine aware that your content is continually changing and updating, so it will know to check for new content more often. The more often a company blogs about something in their field, the more they are looked at as an expert. Blog posts are beneficial to companies as they have a wide potential reach for the type of customers the company aims to find. Just one blog post may be viewed through the companies site, search engines, and on social media sites. This encourages conversation about the post, increases the exposure, and is an effective way to stay present on different media sites.

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