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Educating the Next Generation of Solar Leaders: Solar for Schools

Posted by AllEarth Renewables on November 23, 2016 in Advantages of Solar Power, Small Commercial Solar, Customer Success Stories, Consumer, Dealers

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Installing solar at your school makes perfect sense: not only is it a great way to reduce operating costs, it provides a fantastic way for the next generation of environmental leaders to learn about the power of the future. A solar system gives students hands-on learning opportunities and helps them make the connection between what they learn in science class and the real world.

Whether you’re purchasing a system or entering into a power-purchase agreement (PPA), solar will help you save money on your school’s electric bills. It’s also a great marketing tool that serves as an active reminder of your school’s green values and commitment to a brighter future.

The Robinson School

Solar at the Robinson School in Starksboro, VTThe Robinson School is a rural elementary school in Starksboro, Vermont. They had multiple goals for going solar, and their solar installation, located in a field adjacent to the school, allows them to reach several of those objectives at once. As their principal says, "It fits perfectly with our goal of reducing our environmental footprint, gives a hands-on focus to the energy curriculum, and will save the school money in the long-term as we have locked in our electric rate for at least the next 5 years."

Their 100kW installation produces enough energy to provide 100% of the electricity used in both the school and the town’s offices. They were also able to avoid the investment required of an upfront solar purchase with a power-purchase agreement, which helped them lock in a low electricity rate and gain significant savings. Now their students go to school each morning and know that solar can, and should be, part of every day life.

Middle School of the Kennebunks

Solar at the Middle School of the KennebunksThis middle school in Southern Maine, made up of grades 6-8 with over 400 students, faculty, and staff is completely powered by solar. Their 6kW solar system will help offset the school's electrical bills due to its high production.

In addition to the clean, local energy and savings generated by the system, the school views the educational opportunities of the tracker as an added benefit. Science teachers are able to access real time information online about the solar system that can be incorporated into existing curriculum.

Rock Point School

Solar at the Rock Point School in Burlington, VermontThe Rock Point School, in Burlington, Vermont, and the nearby Episcopal Diocese of Vermont, joined forces to implement a solar project as part of a larger commitment by both organizations to energy efficiency, real-life education, and stewardship of Vermont’s land. Their 147kW system reminds them daily of the importance of reducing carbon footprints, and the school’s students host tour groups of younger children from local elementary schools and community organizations to teach them about solar power, passing on an appreciation of renewables to generations to come.

Learn more about these schools' solar initiatives, and how your school can go solar, in our Solar for Schools fact sheet.

Solar for schools teaches the next generation of environmental leaders about the power of the future.

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