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Is Solar Dealer Training Right for You?

Posted by AllEarth Renewables on May 22, 2015 in Dealers



AllEarth Renewables works with a large (and expanding) network of dealers from across the country - we have dealer partners in states from Vermont to California, and plenty in between. Our dealers are key to helping us grow, as they're on the ground working directly with customers, selling our product, and getting the word out about our solar trackers. 

Because we appreciate and depend on our dealers so much, we want to give them all the tools they need to succeed. Our dealer support program is robust - we help out with marketing materials, pass along client leads, and share their news through press releases, social media, and our website. But we've decided to add on another major component to our support program that'll let our dealers take their Solar Tracker knowledge to the next level, in the form of regular, free dealer trainings. 

From now through early fall, we'll be inviting dealers from across the country to our headquarters in beautiful Williston, Vermont. They'll spend a day and a half getting to know the AllEarth team, getting hands-on and technical training on the trackers, exploring our production facility, and doing site visits to see our trackers in action. And at the end of the day, they'll get to experience one of the many top-notch restaurants in the area, and be put up in a local hotel - and all of it is on us. 

Since our dealers come from a wide range of backgrounds and have varying levels of expertise, we've split up the trainings into two sections: Dealer Installation Trainings, designed for new dealers, and Elite Dealer Trainings, designed for the experienced dealer. Not sure which one's right for you? Here's a breakdown to help you figure it out. 

Dealer Installation Training

  • You're new to the solar industry, and want to add solar installations to your business offerings.

  • You've been working in solar, but don't currently offer AllEarth solar trackers, and you want to learn more about them. 

  • You've installed a few trackers, but want to deepen your product and installation knowledge to ensure your customers have the best possible experience. . 

Elite Dealer Training 

  • You've been installing trackers for a while now, and want to deepen your understand of the technical and mechanical components of the tracker. 

  • Your business offers solar tracker installations, and you want to learn more about how to sell and market them as an attractive alternative to fixed-mount systems. 

  • You're a newer dealer, but are ready to dive right in and get all the information you can as you set out on your tracker journey!

If a training sounds like what you've been looking for to help you grow your business and expand your knowledge of how solar trackers work, you can find training details and sign up for an upcoming session here. We hope to see you soon!

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