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Renewable Revolutionaries: Yestermorrow Design/Build School

Posted by AllEarth Renewables on December 10, 2015 in Renewable Revolutionaries, Consumer, Dealers

From design/build schools to breweries and social entrepreneurs, AllEarth Renewables is proud to have helped innovative businesses and individuals across the northeast generate their own power from the sun. Our Renewable Revolutionaries video series goes behind the scenes to profile iconic brands and people that are pioneering a sustainable future for us all.

Yestermorrow Design/Build School's mission begins with its name: combining the best techniques and technologies with the cutting edge ideas of tomorrow. They've built their design/build school on the principles of good design and sustainability, which they define as the creation of something durable yet beautiful, something that has a low impact on the environment, something people will want to take care of for a long time. 

"The most sustainable thing you can build is something that will last a long time." - Kate G. Stephenson, Yestermorrow Executive Director

Back in 1980, when Yestermorrow was started, the school was the only place in the country where you could study design/build as an integrated process. Now it's something that architecture schools around the country are teaching. Yestermorrow stands out from the pack with its focus on hands-on, experiential education--whether you're taking a design class in their studio or a build class outside, you're actually creating something with your own two hands, not just listening to someone talk about it.

The school has made a name for itself as the go-to place for green building and design, having developed a campus that invites students from around the world to come observe, learn, and see these systems in action first-hand, like the solar panels integrated into the campus landscape that provide energy to heat the water in the showers and power the shop the students use.

Yestermorrow's goal is to empower people to be more involved in the world they live in. If you know how to make the place in which you live, you're empowered to go out and influence your community, to look at how things exist in the built environment and, ideally, change them for the better.

To learn more about the Renewable Revolutionaries series, and to watch other episodes, please visit the Renewable Revolutionaries page.

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Our Renewable Revolutionaries video series goes behind the scenes to profile iconic brands and people that are pioneering a sustainable future for us all.


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