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The AllEarth Renewables Leadership Team

Our team is dedicated to finding innovative and easily accessible energy solutions.

AllEarth Renewables Founder and CEO David BlittersdorfDavid Blittersdorf, President / CEO

To describe David as passionate about renewable energy is a huge understatement. His enthusiasm for finding earth-friendly solutions established itself early: At age 14 he built his first wind turbine to light the small shack he used to boil sap into maple syrup. After he earned his driver's license, he vowed to help the U.S. transition from dependence on fossil fuels following the 1973 oil embargo. And a year after graduating from the University of Vermont, he founded NRG Systems—one of the nation's most successful wind-energy companies—in 1982. Not one to rest on his laurels, however he stepped down as CEO of NRG to found AllEarth Renewables 22 years later. Today, David is involved in all aspects of AllEarth Renewables' day-to-day operations. He also makes frequent public-speaking engagements and serves on the board of many energy-focused institutions at the national and state levels. He holds a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from UVM.


AllEarth Renewables Director of Human Resources Joyce Dicianna

Joyce Dicianna, Director of Human Resources

As AllEarth Renewables grew, so too did the need for a well-built human-resources infrastructure that supports and motivates our innovators. Fortunately for us, Joyce and her decades of experience were ready to step up to the plate. Following graduation from Penn State University, she was the second hire at Autumn Harp Inc., a socially responsible developer and manufacturer of skin-care products. Over the course of more than 30 years, she held various senior-management positions, helping the company garner various awards for its business strategy and family-friendly environment. At AllEarth, Joyce maintains a balance of nurturing creative minds while also maintaining the organization and demands required to run a productive company. 



AllEarth Renewables Controller Debbie Shepard

Debbie Shepard, Controller

As the controller, Debbie oversees all the financial aspects of the company. She was born and raised in Vermont, but left the cold northern climate to live and study where it was much warmer at Texas Christian University. She graduated with a degree in finance and returned to Vermont shortly after. Debbie continued her education at The University of Vermont and graduated with a Master’s degree in Public Administration. She has since held positions in the manufacturing and utility industries making her a perfect fit for AllEarth. The company is well served by her analytical and prioritization skills as well as her ability to create efficiently structured systems. Debbie is a true family person and enjoys spending her time lakeside with her husband, Mark and children Josh and Andrew.



AllEarth Renewables Director of Operations Phil Pouech

Phil Pouech, Director of Operations

Phil was introduced to peak oil and the need for renewable energy by his physics professor in college and it immediately became his passion.  Upon graduation with a BS in Environmental Science, he started a home insulating and weatherization business.  Throughout the following 35 years in various manufacturing management roles, he sought out ways to help his employers prevent pollution and be as energy efficient as possible.  He participated in building two state-of-the-art, award-winning metal finishing facilities and waste water treatment systems.  He has also been practicing Lean Manufacturing for the past 15 years. Phil lives in a high efficiency passive home with solar hot water and PV.  Phil describes a great day as waking up at 5:30 a.m. to bike 100 miles with friends.  On his current bucket list:  hiking the Appalachian Trail and biking across the United States.