Have you been thinking about all the energy problems our society faces, and what you might be able to do about it? Do you have a small (or large) piece of land with good sun exposure? Have you thought about making it available for renewable solar energy, but not wanted a massive solar farm taking up the entire parcel? Would you like to be part of the solar solution without owning and managing a system?

If you are thinking affirmatively about any of these questions, leasing your land to AllEarth Renewables for a community solar project allows you to be part of the renewable revolution and realize some income from your land investment. And we won’t use up your whole property to do it.

Your Land Deal

Imagine that sunny section of your property with only two or three AllEarth Solar Trackers following the sun all day long. Not only can this happen without costing you a penny, it will actually make you money. AllEarth provides you an up-front, one-time payment of $6,000 for a 25 year land lease to host those trackers. A lease would be for a small and sunny portion of your property that can be as little as 1/10 to 1/4 acre.

You say yes, and AllEarth takes it from there.

The installed system is matched with an AllEarth SolarVenture investor who will own the project and distribute the energy produced from the system to Group Members (electricity customers). You can choose to be a group member and power your own home or business, as well.

Five Year Option

After a required five years of operation, you have the option to buy out the project at 55% of the original installation price and run it yourself to get the income (almost $5,000 per year) from the Group Members – it’s much like an annuity. If you have a tax liability you may be able to get a significant tax credit back, based on depreciation of the solar equipment. You can continue to sell the generated energy to the current Group Member or determine somewhere else the energy could go. And you get to keep the original $6,000 Land Lease payment.

Power for Good

When you originally invested in your land, you probably didn’t realize the full scope of power that comes from ownership. Hosting an AllEarth Solar System on your property is the GREEN equivalent to striking oil.


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We absolutely love looking at the Solar Trackers from AllEarth in our farmyard! When AllEarth asked to rent a very small portion of our land, we jumped at the chance. It was so helpful to have an upfront payment to use for other projects here on the farm, and a bonus to have discounted electricity powering our home, barns and indoor riding ring.

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