Vermont Solar Systems — All Sizes Needed!

I was lucky to get to the Maine coast last month. I’m not sure why the saying “any port in a storm” popped into my head as my body absorbed the solar energy from above during my beach walk, but there it was.

The climate crisis is a storm. At the risk of mixing hydro and solar metaphors, we need all solar ports — big, small, residential, business, you name it. If you live in a newer house, look around and compare the number of outlets with your memories of your grandparents’ home. Think about how much more is electric now than was then, and about how much renewable solar power we’ll need to make much bigger changes very fast. Studies that seem to carry a tone of “good vs. bad” solar miss the point; it’s like asking me whether I’d like air or water over the course of the next week. Time to change the narrative to “all of the above, now!” Let’s do it together.