“Free” Shipping? “Discontinued” Vermont Solar Financing?

Even after more years as a consumer than I care to think about, I’ll confess that I sometimes get excited when I see those magic words: “free shipping.” A few buying mistakes along the way taught me the obvious: the words are not magic and the shipping is not free. What matters at the end of the day is what you pay, and what you get.

So it is with “going solar” in your home or business. The interest rate that’s too good to be true probably is just that, and you may well end up paying too much for a Vermont solar system that meets neither your environmental nor economic goals. You’re making a big decision, and are entitled to have what you are getting and what you are paying fully explained by your solar installer and the lender providing your solar financing. At AllEarth we have decades of combined experience in building and explaining the efficiency and other benefits of our AllEarth Solar Trackers. Responsive and independent lenders know our products and reputation. Talk to us and talk to them; no “magic words,” and you’ll be glad you did!