AllEarth Solar Trackers Maximize the Sun’s Energy Potential (Even on the Shortest Day of the Year)

“Heliotropism is a growth movement in plants that is induced by sunlight. It is sometimes called solar tracking, or directional response to the sun.” – PlantLife

Happy Solstice!

We didn’t know the word heliotropism or its relationship to sunflowers when we imagined a more efficient solar energy system, but we understood the concept: follow the sun and maximize energy potential.

Well over a decade ago, we took that concept and applied it to the design and manufacturing of our  AllEarth Dual Axis Solar Tracker. By following the sun’s transit across the sky, AllEarth Renewables Trackers capture about 40% more energy than a fixed system.

AllEarth Renewables is the nation’s leading dual axis solar tracker company, with over 7,000 installations across the country—almost half in Vermont, where making the most of available sunshine couldn’t be more important!

It may seem  counterintuitive to think about solar on the shortest day of the year, but if you start planning now, you’ll be ready to go well before that other Solstice, and for many Solstices to come.  Taking the long view on a short day makes more sense than ever given the climate and economic challenges we face as a society. We are honored to work with you to help all of us do our part.

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