Bill McKibben Says It’s Time For Wind and Solar in Vermont

Here’s an excerpt from Bill McKibben’s OpEd piece, Turn To the Sun, Not “Treewashing”, in the Addison Independent:

‘Meanwhile, it’s at least as important to keep existing forests standing. An important article from the Guardian beats an important drum: It is not a climate solution to cut down trees and burn them to produce electricity. I’ve been trying to make this case since 2016; “biomass” burning is not carbon neutral, no matter what an EU directive or a Congressional mandate might maintain. We have to stop burning stuff on this planet — coal, oil, gas, and also wood on an industrial scale, at a time when we should be going all out towards wind and sun. There’s a ball of burning flame 90 million miles away — that’s all the combustion we need.’

Read it in full here.

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