Green Up Vermont: Put Solar On It!

The first Green Up Day was April 18, 1970, more than 50 years ago. On that day, then Governor Deane Davis closed all interstate highways from 9am to noon so volunteers could pick up litter, and schools had field trips so students could lend a hand. It was a true statewide and community effort, with over 70,000 volunteers picking up trash, much of which was discarded beer bottles. That experience inspired Vermont’s “Bottle Bill,” a little management plan that eventually turned into a successful recycling program.

Fifty-two years on, Green Up Day continues strong with volunteers picking up roadside litter and dropping it off at designated pick up stations for recycling. It takes the concept of spring cleaning to a new level!

AllEarth applauds the efforts of Green Up Vermont and all of those who make Green Up Day meaningful on both formal and informal levels. Their work helps to keep our state looking its best, and helps mitigate the environmental impact of trash by promoting recycling and composting.

At AllEarth Renewables, we take greening up Vermont to new heights—in fact, all the way to the sun. Fossil fuel emissions are the littler we’re trying to clean up by helping Vermonters make the switch to clean, renewable and affordable solar energy.

But it will take another grand community and statewide effort to decarbonize Vermont. Let’s follow the example of Green Up Vermont and act together—government, business and individuals—to make the switch to solar and other renewable energy solutions to keep Vermont beautiful and healthy for all.

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