Now We’re Cooking With – Vermont Solar!

It’s been nearly a year since we published a blog post called “When I’m 64.” Guess that means that I’m about to turn…never mind. But those of you in this age range almost certainly remember, and probably have used, the phrase “now we’re cooking with gas” to mean that what we are doing is going quite well. The phrase originated in the 1930’s with a publicist for the American Gas Association and took root pretty quickly.

For the last few decades, gas stove tops were de rigeur for home cooks, but recent studies have shown gas cooktops are not only bad for our environment, but they’re also hazardous to our health, too. Many cooks are making the switch to clean cooking with electric induction cooktops. Skeptics who were forced into the switch by, say, a condo board were pleasantly surprised to find induction superior to gas. You can read about induction converts, including renowned chef, Eric Ripert, in this New York Times article.

Whatever the merits of the old saying, it’s time to cook—and do a lot of other things—with renewable energy in general and Vermont solar energy in particular. Modern technologies from stoves to heat pumps to vehicles offer efficient and effective uses of electricity in ways those ancestors, and even most of us in earlier years did not likely envision. And that electricity doesn’t have to come from fossil fuels extracted from our fragile earth, transported in ways that use yet more fossil fuels, then burned to warm our planet and pollute our air.

The answer to so much lies above us in the beauty of the sun, but the answer also lies within us as a species to act now. Let’s leave our kids a legacy where every day is Earth Day and shouts of “now we’re cooking with solar!” echo joyfully from playgrounds everywhere.

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