How Much Land Do I Need to Solar-Power My House in Vermont?

The short answer is not very much at all. If you have good sun exposure and reasonable clearance, as little as 1/10 acre is all you’ll need to install an AllEarth Solar Tracker. One well-sited Vermont tracker will produce approximately 10,000 kilowatt-hours of energy a year. Depending on your electricity usage, this could cover the entire usage portion of your Vermont electric bill or offset it considerably.

While the US Energy Information Administration tells us the average American household uses 10,715 kWh of electricity per year, we know averages won’t tell us your Vermont solar needs. That’s why when considering a switch to solar, a consultation that includes a thorough site evaluation and review of a full year of electric bills is key to ensuring you get the ideal system for your home.

During site evaluation we’ll help you determine the optimum placement for your tracker. This could be a small corner that gets sun for eight hours a day or more. Unlike fixed ground mounts, AllEarth Solar Trackers use a dual axis system, so as the sun travels across the sky, the tracker follows it to always have its “face” in the sun. This efficiency feature brings you up to 40% more renewable energy! We’ll help to maximize this efficiency by ensuring that buildings or trees in the tracker’s rotational path don’t compromise it.

If enhancing 1/10 acre of your property with renewable energy you control seems like a smart idea, let’s schedule a site visit now. After all, your kids outgrew that swing set a long time ago!

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