One Sun, One Earth, Time For One Vermont Solar Rate?

If you are having your new AllEarth Solar Tracker installed in your Vermont yard today, the compensations you’ll receive for each kWh of solar power you produce may be any one of at least fourteen numbers. Why? It depends where you live. Under Vermont’s solar net metering rules, the value of your solar energy is calculated under a complex method that takes the lower of your utility’s residential rate or what’s called the “statewide blended rate.”

It strikes me that the old adage that less is more is something we need to keep in mind around renewable energy, whether we are solar energy companies, utilities or state regulators. Even if there were some small bit of theoretical accuracy in using these complex methods, they are less important than having a system of Vermont solar incentives that is consistent, understandable and pushes us to do what we have to do. I can literally walk around the corner from my house and pass from the service territory of one Vermont utility into that of another, and it makes no sense that the renewable energy from someone else’s tracker 900 feet away should be worth either less or more as we work to clean up this one planet. Isn’t it time for a consistent net metering rate, where you live?

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