The REC Wreck: A Vermont Solar Play In Two Acts


Parent: Glad you’ve had fun playing, but you’ve made a mess of your room, the living room and the den! Please clean up all three.

Child: Okay.

(Three hours later)

Child: I’m all set!

Parent: The den looks ok, but your room and the living room are still a dirty mess!

Child: You don’t get how this works. When I cleaned up the den I sold a Room Enjoyment Credit (REC) to a kid in Massachusetts for $30. I then took the money and bought three REC’s for $10 each in a state where you get a REC for picking up just a few toys. So I’m 100% clean because I have a REC for each room you told me to clean!

Parent: But two of the rooms still aren’t clean!

Child: Please don’t say that so loudly. It’s on my website that I’m 100% clean.

When your Vermont utility claims to be “100% Renewable,” ask if this is what it is doing.

Let’s get past all of this and work together to make Vermont’s renewable energy truly renewable, NOW! Solar power must be a reality, not a numbers game.

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