Solar for Vermont Businesses: Your Options

At AllEarth our goal is to make solar work for you, with attention to your specific requirements, such as land availability, utility territory, and overall energy needs. Are you looking to take your business solar? AllEarth provides two options: Take ownership directly by purchasing the physical array; or purchase solar energy from a separate owner of a solar-energy system. That owner could be AllEarth, or it could be someone within our solar community who has extra solar capacity to sell. Continue reading for an overview of your complete solar options.

First, you can buy a system directly from us. This could be 3 solar trackers or 3 ground mounts with a combined 15 AC kW capacity located either on your business property or somewhere else if you lack the proper site qualifications. In the second scenario, we would work with you to find a land host with whom to set up a land lease. Owning the array as a business is your best way to reap the longer-term benefits of savings on your monthly electricity bills and hedge against rising energy costs while participating directly in the transition to a sustainable energy future.

Second, if you’re not ready or have no plan to purchase a system, you can enter a solar PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) with AllEarth or an owner of a solar array in our network. This option provides you with the ability to purchase solar energy monthly at a 10% discount, without the need to purchase a solar system yourself. There is no requirement for the trackers to be installed on your property, but if you have the land available and wish to preserve a future purchase option, you may sign a land lease for the array with a 5-year buyout option at a discounted price. This is a great option if you’re eager to move away from reliance on fossil-fuel for your energy needs, do your part to address climate change on the local level and save modestly on your monthly energy bills.

Every business is different, and we are willing and eager to work with you to explore where our products and services may be of value to you. If any of the above options are of interest, please reach out directly via email at or by phone at 802-872-9600, so we can help you determine if one of our solar solutions is a good fit for you.

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