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The UCC: Your Solar Production Monitoring Device in Vermont

These days, a watch is no longer just for telling time, nor is a phone only made for making calls. With the rise of “smart” technology, we now can use these portable devices to monitor our health, from checking our heart rate, tracking our daily steps and even observing our blood oxygen saturation levels.

You may have heard of the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) communication module. You can think of this as a smart watch for your solar tracker. When the UCC is properly configured, it provides real time information on the tracker’s daily energy production. Through our “Energy Reports” page, you can track how much energy is produced over a given week, month or year, in the same way a smart watch may record your miles walked over a given period. And in the same way that a health tracker can alert us to potential sources of internal and external stress, the UCC allows us to notice if production is lower than usual or if the tracker is showing signs of distress.

In other words, the UCC not only provides you a view of the energy production of the tracker but also serves as the link between your tracker and our technical support team. With the UCC properly functioning, whether you’re at home, at work or on a trip, AllEarth’s support team can monitor the health of your tracker and respond quickly to any perceived issue related to the trackers’ operation.

With the UCC connected and functioning properly, AllEarth’s team is able to monitor and assess the status of your solar tracker and get a better sense of the longer term production trends unique to your specific tracker and environmental factors affecting its operation.

Operations and maintenance service (O&M) is covered for all PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) customers. For solar owners, we provide this service as part of a 5-year prepaid plan. To reap the full benefits of the UCC communication, please connect with one of our sales representatives to set up your O&M agreement if you haven’t already.

To check the status of your UCC and view your daily energy reports, refer to the “Energy Reports” section of our website. For any questions about how this works, give us a call at 802.872.9600, reach out by email at, or show us your interest by filling out the Get Started” form below: