Vermont’s Solar Rule: If The Sun’s Up There, Why Are We In The Weeds?

We’ve written about parts of Vermont’s net metering rule that we don’t think make sense, especially around the drops in solar incentives and the complexity of solar rates. The Vermont Public Utility Commission is now considering revisions to the rule.

Here at AllEarth, we’re among the dozens of stakeholders in this lengthy process, putting ourselves down in the weeds on behalf of the future of renewable energy here in Vermont. (Though if joining us down here actually sounds fun, check the proceeding out here).

It’s hard work, and we are doing a lot of reading, listening, and thinking about what the rule should look like. One thing we strongly believe is that the rule needs to be simpler and not more complex, so the reader doesn’t have to be in the weeds to understand incentives and other basics around solar energy for Vermont families and businesses.

Stay tuned for more posts on this important subject.

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