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Solar Trackers help one of North Bay's largest recyclers reduce energy costs

Posted by Carolyn Cooke on Mar 9, 2015 10:45:00 AM in 2014

Cotati, CA, February 26, 2014

When the North Bay’s largest recycler of rubble materials saw their electric bills double overnight due to a rate redesign, they looked to solar to help. Through local solar installer North Coast Solar, the Soiland Company recently commissioned a 202 kW, 33 "dual axis" solar tracker installation in Cotati, California.

The 52 year old company provides innovative approaches to construction and material supply needs. They produce rock, soil, and compost products at their three locations in Sonoma County, California and they are a leading recycler of rubble materials in the area.

“The decision to go solar not only made economic sense, but really aligned with Soiland’s environmental values. Since the Soiland Company’s inception, we have always strived to be as sustainable and environmentally responsible as possible,” said Mark Soiland, the second generation owner of Soiland.  The company first went solar in 2007 and has pursued other environmental measures, such as equipment upgrades to reduce smog even before it was required by state regulations. 

Working with their local utility, the newly installed system will help Soiland cut their energy bills by more than half and is projected to pay for itself in just seven years.

Local installer North Coast Solar recently partnered with the Vermont-based AllSun Tracker manufacturer AllEarth Renewables to bring their innovative solar tracker to northern California. 

The solar trackers use GPS technology to accurately follow the sun from dawn to dusk, producing up to 40 percent more energy than fixed rooftop or ground mount systems.  The dual axis tracker was named a “Top-10 Green Product of the Year” by BuildingGreen magazine.  The ground-mounted solar systems are designed for homes, businesses, non-profits, and commercial-scale installations.   More than 1,750 units are operating throughout the United States.

“When the Soilands approached me about helping them reduce their sharply escalated electric bill I turned to AllEarth Renewables in Vermont. Their AllSun Tracker gives the best return on their investment with significantly higher electrical output during the day.  It will help with stabilizing their energy budget over the long term and reduce inflation risk.  It will provide decades of energy cost security for this local green business leader,” said Brian Hines of North Coast Solar.

President and CEO of AllEarth Renewables, David Blittersdorf added, “It is great to be partnering with North Coast Solar to bring our technology to northern California and particularly exciting to see it help such a great family business like Soiland go solar and save on their electric bills.”

Photo: A 202kW solar farm of AllSun Trackers provides energy and savings to the Soiland Company in Cotati, CA.

Media Contacts:

 Kjell Kallman, Soiland, 707.795.1775Kjell@soilandrocks.com

Brian Hines, North Coast Solar, 707.575.3999brian@ncsr.com

Andrew Savage, AllEarth Renewables, 802.872.9600asavage@allearthrenewables.com

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