Get Your Vermont Solar Registration In Now!

No, not our most exciting blog title, but in the world of Vermont solar sometimes urgency has to take precedence over creativity.

At exactly 4:30 on August 31, 2022, the solar incentive for your Vermont net metering system will drop. While we’ve talked in the past about the need to reform a system in which renewable energy credits are valued at zero and what’s called preferred siting under the rules is about to become a two-cent subtraction, the bottom line is that here and now these are the realities that apply to your solar project. (And unfortunately, the new federal Inflation Reduction Act does not change this.) The upcoming additional one cent drop in incentives is a big deal given how long your net-metering solar system will last, and the current net metering rule says that any negative adjustments apply “in perpetuity.” (Really.)

Two modest silver linings here: (1) you can preserve your right to the current incentives by getting your registration filed with the Public Utility Commission by the August 31st deadline; and (2) AllEarth Renewables can get that registration filed for you for your AllEarth dual axis solar tracker, and you’ll still get the current rate when installation happens down the line.

Please give us a call or contact us on our sales form. Thank you so much for being a champion of Vermont solar energy!

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